Decon-LogoFinally, a simple yet gentle spray for all types of surfaces. Your personal Safeguard against harmful bacteria, germs and viruses whether at home, the office, gym, school or on your travels … and totally GREEN

How it Works

dconlogo4 is specially formulated and tested to not only reduce or eliminate and eradicate 99,9% of surface micro-organisms we face each day but will go on tospray provide a protective barrier typically up to 8 hours

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  • Non toxic
  • No residue
  • No irritation
  • Non corrosive
  • Animal / plant friendly
  • Biodegradable

No More Germs

Your all in one handy  surface spray for personal protection against harmful bacteria’s , virus’s and germs.

 DCON is totally Green and is safe to use at :

  • Home
  • Workplace
  • School
  • Gym
  • Patient
  • On your travels

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