Food Industry

dcon_0002_flourscarcityaffectssanfranciscosourdough8-8cop0h6xblButchery, bakery, fresh food produce areas i.e. work surfaces, storage surfaces, fridges, cold rooms etc. are regularly cleaned and treated. We  also recommend treatment of surfaces at the teller points for each store.

Industrial In House Laundry

Laundry for dcon_0001_bubble-laundryworkers. It is highly recommended to spray each overall at specific points with DCON Spay before placing the garments into the washing machine and again one cap of DCON (about 50 – 75 ml) into the washing machine in the rinse cycle.


DCON Drain – is placed down the drain typically weekly to prevent dcon_0000_img_1390salmonella/Listeria contamination


DCON spray is also used in their offices as part of their cleaning procedures.dcon_0001_iStock_000020716385_Medium-Office