What are we facing

80% of all infections are transmitted by direct or indirect human contact. Typical source of contacts are the  many types of surfaces we come into contact , the PC keyboard, PC mouse, phones , work surfaces, toilet seats ( and especially public toilets ) , gym equipment and even as simple as the office door knob are typical breading areas for potential unhealthy micro-organism’s. Tests have shown that the gym equipment at a variety of fitness centers recorded  the cold virus (rhinoviruses) were present up to 63% of the time. Cold and flu viruses  can survive up to 18 hours on hard surfaces!

The point is these nasty little viruses have set up camp on dozens of our most basic daily items.

Did You Know?

A simple stomach bug, diarrhoea, gastro infection, coughing, skin rash, watery eyes are sometimes evidence of infection spread. This of course can become more serious with intense bacteria pathogens ( bad bacteria )  resulting in a visit to the doctor or more seriously to hospital for treatment. No wonder the public cry to wash our hands. Those little public-bathroom reminders on the door, the inviting hand sanitizers in hallways, the supermarket free trolley wipes all offer little confidence.

We’re in the middle of germ warfare.

 So what can we do?

DCON spray is specially formulated and tested to not only reduce or eliminate and disinfect 99,9% of surface micro-organisms we face each day but will go on to provide a protective barrier typically for up to 8 hours. DCON  can be used as a gentle air spray to disinfect harmful airborne substances around us. DCON assures  your personal hygiene protection where ever needed.

Decon-Logo3for surfaces

Spray lightly on all surfaces and allow to self -dry.  Surfaces may include food and work areas, toilet seats, wash basins, shower floors , school desks etc.

In the case of sensitive electronic devices such as keyboards, PC mouse, phones etc. spray DCON onto a dry clean soft cloth and wipe the device gently. Again allow to self dry

Decon-Logo3for the air

Simply spay into the air in contained rooms, spraying toward each corner and to the center. Repeat daily.


Decon-Logo3How does it work

DCON is Specially formulated to attract and combine with pathogen  molecules, neutaralizing and making  the environment safe and protected.


Decon-Logo3total personal protection


Decon-Logo3™ Treatments


  • Non toxic
  • No residue
  • No irritation
  • Non corrosive
  • Animal / plant friendly
  • Biodegradable